Wine tasting in Frascati: Saturday 25th September 2021

The wine-tasting event hosted by the Cantina Imperatori in Frascati was unquestionably a highlight of the year.  We met our fellow participants from the American Club of Rome on the elegant terrace of the Cantina, which commands spectacular views of Rome and lush vineyards on sunlit slopes. As explained in her brief history by Nina, the Manager of the property, the terroir is the result of a volcano eruption that sent a river of lava rushing through the area,  creating a fertile soil. 

Explaining each stage of vinification, Nina led us round the various installations. We went inside one of the ancient Roman  caves discovered during creation of the winery.  Wine is now fermented and aged here in traditional terracotta amphoras.

Our tour concluded on the terrace, where we tasted three white wines of differing style and complexity, Viognier, Trebbiano Verde and Trebbiano Verde Anfora, and two superb reds, a Cesanese made from the local grape and a Cabernet Sauvignon,  paired with bread, cheese and salami. 

We had a wonderful afternoon in the company of the American Club members and look forward to more joint events of this kind with them.

NOTE: Frascati is a charming town, easily reached in about 34 minutes by train from Termini. The taxi ride from Frascati station to the Cantina Imperatori takes ten minutes.

Posted by Julie Dixon, Association Member