What we do

The aim of the Association of British Ex-Pats in Italy is to provide a physical and virtual forum for British citizens residing in Italy, as well as promoting British interests in the country.

We aim to provide our members with opportunities to socialise, share experiences and network with a range of individuals. We achieve this by promoting and organising initiatives for our group, whilst also remaining in contact with British administrative and cultural offices present in Italy.

Our long term aim is to be a central source of information for all fellow British ex-pats by building a network of British citizens throughout Italy. We also hope to be able to  establish regional groups across the country, so that British ex-pats have a local group near them, wherever they live in Italy

Upcoming Events & News

Members will receive additional event information in the monthly newsletter.

Christmas Lunch

December 11th, 2022
We are starting the festive season with a traditional Christmas Lunch Read more . .

Remembrance Day

November 11th at 10.30am. Traditional Remembrance Day Memorial at the Rome Commonwealth cemetery. Read more

Drinks Night

November 17th from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, at Vivi Bistro, in Piazza Navona. Non members welcome, please book.

2022: Congratulations to Harry Shindler on winning his battle to abolish the 15 year voting rule!

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Review: Terracotta Statues of Orpheus and the Sirens

This remarkable exhibition of the famous sculptural group depicting Orpheus and the Sirens is currently being held until October 18th at the newly created Museum of Rescued Art. The statues will then be returned to Taranto, where they were first discovered.  The three figures, originally in vivid polychrome terracotta, date back to the latter half …