Walking Tour, Pigneto Neighbourhood

Join the Association for a guided tour of the Pigneto neighbourhood with Silvia! 

Pigneto is a traditionally working-class neighbourhood wedged between two of the city’s most important ancient consular roads – Via Prenestina and Via Casilina  – and accessed from the west through the spectacular ancient Roman gate at Porta Maggiore. During the 19th century it became an industrial hub and like nearby San Lorenzo it was badly bombed during World War II. It became a hotbed of left-wing activism and counterculture in the 1960s – with the giant figure of the writer, director, and intellectual Pier Paolo Pasolini casting the neighbourhood’s longest and most influential shadow. Pigneto went through a regeneration project (completed in 2015) with vibrant murals everywhere highlighting Pigneto’s past, present, and future.

The fee for the guided tour is €21.00 for members and €23.00 for non-members (includes €2 for audio guide). Please confirm with the Association britishexpatsinitaly@gmail.com and copy joanne.fletcherjmf@gmail.com if you wish to attend. The maximum will be 20! 

Booking and payment deadline February 27th (No refunds are possible after the payment deadline)Disclaimer: Photographs may be taken at this event and these photos may be used on the website, social media and other means of advertising for the exclusive use of promoting the activities of the association.