Past Events

The Association has organised many events in the past, some only for members and others in conjunction with, or as guests of other English-speaking associations.

Association Inauguration Party, Villa Wolkonsky, June 2010
Villa Wolkonsky, home of the British Ambassador in Rome was the backdrop to the launching of the Association of British Expats in 2010. Over 200 British ex-pats joined the 7 founding members in the celebration and many of them joined the Association that same day. The idea to form an association was the long standing dream of Harry Shindler, and he spearheaded the organisation of a founding committee of fellow ex-pats to create our group.

Royal Wedding Street Party, April 2011
On April 29th 2011 the Associationorganised a Royal Wedding Street Party – Italian Style! Over 120 ex-pats crammed the Domus Talenti on Via Quattro Fontane for a private viewing of the wedding , followed by lunch. News spread very fast of the event in Rome and the Association was inundated with requests from journalists to be accredited to report on the event , withRai Tre doing a radio broadcast live from the location. The following day local newspapers were full of pictures of Association members waving their flags and cheering as if they were actually present outside Buckingham Palace. Below are some pictures of the street party.

Picnics in the park
Every year the union jack is raised and a pot luck picnic in Villa Borghese is organized for members their family and friends. Traditional British picnic fare, [where possible], is placed on a huge tablecloth and shared with all participants. Admittedly a not very British traditional glass of wine is occasionally consumed in recognition of our adopted homeland. 

Palazzo Brancaccio Party, 2011
The Association special event in 2011 was held in the elegant surroundings of Palazzo Brancaccio, the last Roman Patrician palace built in 1880 and located in the very heart of the eternal city on Colle Oppio, near Emperor Nero’s Domus Aurea. Members dined in the splendid banqueting hall where Princess Mary Elizabeth Field, the American wife of Prince Salvatore Brancaccio entertained King Umberto di Savoia.

It was a truly special occasion for members to meet and exchange information and experiences of living in Italy. The event was attended not only by British ex-pats residing in the Rome area but also those in regions close to Lazio and there was a contingent from the newly formed Marche regional group.