About us

Who we are:

We are a non-profit Association (Organizzazioni con fini culturale e ricreativi), established in 2010 by a group of British Ex-pats living in Italy led by founder Harry Schindler.

The Association was inaugurated in 2010 and an official celebration was held at the British Ambassador's Residence, Villa Wolkonsky in Rome.

Our membership consists of British citizens from many different walks of life, from business people to retirees and United Nations staff to young professionals. We welcome British and English speaking citizens of other countries to join us at our events and exchange mutual experiences and interests in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our Aim:

The objective of the Association is to provide a focal point for British citizens residing in Italy, for those who are thinking of re-locating to Italy and to also promote British interests in the country.

We aim to build a network of British citizens throughout Italy by promoting and organizing initiatives (with eventual establishment of Regional groups), to provide our members with an opportunity to socialize, share experiences, network and to be a source of information to fellow British expats living throughout the country.

Why join us?

Every member will have different reasons for joining us but we provide our members with certain benefits:

  • We hold regular social and cultural events to bring the British and English speaking communities together in Rome. You can see a list of our current and planned events in our What we do page
  • We can help members by directing them to, and connecting them to other members of the British / Italian communities throughout Italy
  • Over time we aim to provide our members with a comprehensive list of services through our Supporting members program

Privacy Policy

Tutela della privacy
Il membro associato fornirà i propri dati personali necessari e utili per l'esecuzione degli obblighi associativi e quelli derivanti da disposizioni normative. La Association of British Expats in Italy conformerà il trattamento dei dati personali alle prescrizioni della vigente normativa in materia di tutela della riservatezza, comprese quelle relative all'adeguamento alle misure di sicurezza (art. 7,13,23 - Dlgs 196/03 Codice della Privacy )

Privacy regulation clause
The member provides personal data and information necessary to fulfil all obligations as requested the Association of British Expats in Italy will conform to the treatment of such personal data supplied in accordance to existing Italian Laws in the matter of Privacy, including those relative to the amendments adapted to security measurements (Art. 7,13,23 - Dlgs 196/03 Codice della Privacy)

Contact info

Association of British Ex-Pats in Italy

Via Campo Marzio 69
Rome 00186

email: britishexpatsinitaly@gmail.com